Who Can Take Part?

Anyone! We will welcome anyone who wishes to take part. We want everyone to have an excellent afternoon. Our aim is also that local community clubs, and perhaps especially youth groups, will want to raise sponsorship for their own funds or for their own good causes. There are certain guidelines about supervision - we'll cover those later.


  • Discuss with your colleagues/members and decide that you will take part.
  • Use the order form to let us know how many sponsor cards you will need. We will overprint them with your club/organisation name and let you have them.
  • Don't forget that families may well want to walk as groups. For those under 10½, you will need to ensure proper supervision.
  • Please let us know nearer the time (approximately) how many people will be walking per route - this will help us with our catering.
  • Start any time between 1.00pm and 2.00pm on Sunday 10th May 2020 from Kirkbie Kendal School (lots of parking, though the Car Boot Sale that ends at 1.00pm may take a little time to clear).
  • The sponsor cards are in two parts. Walkers will keep (at home) the list of sponsors, but will bring the Contact /Permission portion. This will stay with us at Kirkbie Kendal until you have finished.
  • The cost will be £4 per walker - everyone including those who may not be sponsored (except dogs!) This will cover the printing and organisational costs. If there is a surplus, Kendal Rotary promises we will use it for local good causes.
  • There is space on the sponsor card for Gift Aid to be promised. It will be the responsibility of your club/organisation to collect sponsor money and claim Gift Aid.