The Resident Band

The Limestone Pavement Artists are the resident band at Bits and Pieces, comprising:

  • Grant Davies, who plays mandolin, mandola and accoustic guitar and is a well-known solo performer at folk venues in the area,
  • on bass guitar is Roger Siddle, who some years ago played guitar in Quicksilver, the Silverdale swing band,
  • and Bob Hellon, whose first solo folk gig was on the night the Cuban missile crisis reached its climax (1962) and who played folk clubs and festivals, off and on until the mid 1990s when as the Bob in A Bob on the Side he bowed out with a performance of his play "Fire, Rope and Liberty" at the University of Toledo in the US state of Ohio. Bob plays banjo and acoustic guitar and is the lead singer.

All three live in Silverdale.