Ed McGurk

Most of us never forget the seminal discoveries of our musical youth, when suddenly new horizons would open up and stimulating new genres impacted on our subconscious.

For Ed McGurk, it was the songs of Bob Dylan. It led to a lifelong interest in folk song and music that has explored the riches of traditional and contemporary songs from Britain and Ireland, the Americas and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

Ed’s individual interpretations of his chosen material, together with the clarity of his unique tenor voice, brings a depth and quality to his performance which is hard to equal and his audience is immediately drawn into the songs in the best tradition of story telling.

Not only that, he has the enviable knack of picking songs which reflect exactly his preferred musical compass 'traditional songs, old and new'.

Despite his love of performance, Ed's self-effacing nature necessitated a degree of persuasion to produce his first solo album, At Liberty. It's a stimulating collection of some of Ed's favourite songs, both ancient and modern, being both a reprise of his musical journey from the distant Dylan days as well as an enthusiastic look towards the future.

Ed has been an integral part of the Lancashire folk scene for many years. From his early days as organiser of Clitheroe Folk Club and his membership of resident bands Nevis and Litany, he went on to join the enduring and still successful ceilidh band, The Riot Band. He remains a founding member of the ever-popular folk group Bandersnatch whilst recently returning to his singing partnership with Nick Caffrey, the trio performing as Caffrey/McGurk/Madge.

You can contact Ed via the following website: www.bandersnatch.co.uk .